Our origin

Seisenegg Castle in Viehdorf, Lower Austria, where the Mautner Markhof family runs a small castle brewery, is considered the birthplace of Seisenegger beer. There, friends and guests of the house are served their own beer. The glorious idea to produce an original premium-quality Viennese lager was born over a good glass of beer from their own castle brewery. Just as really good ideas should be. The goal was to create a noble beer that you drink from a champagne glass. With this vision, the Seisenegger Wiener Lager was born. Or brewed – as you like.

Castle Seisenegg

With the valuable knowledge of the vice world champion of beer sommeliers Felix Schiffner, the final Seisenegger Wiener Lager was finally created. This exclusive brew is crafted and bottled in Upper Austria. More precisely, in the Grieskirchen brewery, which also has a long tradition in the Mautner Markhof family. From there, Seisenegger has set out to conquer Vienna’s top restaurateurs and to convince beer lovers all over the world of the unique taste and experience of this premium beer.