The perfect
Seisenegger enjoyment

In this enjoyment guide, we provide you with all the important information you need to take the enjoyment of your Seisenegger Vienna Lager to the peak of perfection. It is essential to understand that our beer is a natural product which, under the right circumstances, develops an even more intense and full-bodied flavor.

The perfect Seisenegger Enjoyment

It is best to store Seisenegger in a cool place and standing upright. Temperatures that are too high will cause the Seisenegger to spoil. That would be far too bad.

Temperatures that are too cold damage the structure and taste of the beer. It is best to store the Seisenegger at around 5°C-8°C in the refrigerator.

Make sure that the Seisenegger is not exposed to direct light for too long. This damages the valuable hops and changes the good taste of the Vienna Lager.

Seisenegger tastes best at a certain humidity. This value has a positive effect on the appearance and structure of the beer.

True ladies and gentlemen treat closed and opened Seisenegger bottles like a raw egg. Any collisions or impacts should be avoided.

Yes, it really does make a difference! Open your Seisenegger with a standard bottle opener, but do not place it at the bottom, but at the top, so that you press the opener down with your hand instead of levering it upwards.

Original Wort

22 IBU
Bitter units

5,3% vol