Better than the best of the best.

Seisenegger is an exquisite beer for exquisite moments. Each sip promises the finest beer enjoyment, each bottle contains valuable ingredients and the knowledge of several generations. All of this comes together to create an incomparable taste experience.

The Seisenegger
Vienna Lager

The Seisenegger Vienna Lager

Every single bottle of Seisenegger Wiener Lager promises you an incomparable moment of pleasure. It all starts with the bottle, because before you taste the Seisenegger, you see it. The bottle was designed especially for this lager and its unseen shape makes it a real eye-catcher. After pouring, the Wiener Lager shimmers with a play of colors between bright amber and rich copper gold, completed with an irresistibly creamy foam. The first sip establishes itself as refreshingly full-bodied and holds a malty-sweet flavor that elegantly transitions into a chocolaty, gentle bitterness. A taste so diverse and yet so down-to-earth.

Hops, malt & barley from Austrian organic cultivation are used for the brewing process. According to all rules of the purity law and under strict quality controls, we use crystal clear water from hundreds of meters deep for our beer. Enjoy not only Austria’s most famous beer, but also over 300 years of brewing experience and passion – perfected by the multiple international award-winning vice world champion of beer sommeliers.

Seisenegger Beer: A Viennese Lager for the Champagne Glass

Enjoy your Seisenegger

The small round

6 bottles á 0,33 l

Includes 20% MwSt.

The Seisenegger Vienna Lager

The big round

20 bottles á 0,33 l

Includes 20% MwSt.